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27 October Sunday

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Greater Chittagong is a melting pot of various culture – Arabs, Burmese (Moghs), Chinese, Pathans, Portuguese – who came to this coastal town with their merchandise, mingled with the local and decided to call it their home. Thus, Chittagong developed its own distinct dialect and cultural heritage.

Chittagong is also a revered place for all three major religions of Bangladesh – Muslims, Hindus and Buddhist. It also has a sizeable number of Christians. Chittagong can boast as a place where various ethnic and religious communities live in harmony.

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Chief Advisor Message

I am very much pleased to see the people of Brihattar Chattogram (greater Chittagong) residing in Australia, especially in Sydney, are committed to their root while at the same time keen to contribute to the Australian society at large. Having lived away from my birthplace for more than 4 decades, I have realised how important it is to maintain ties to one's heritage, and pay-back to the country that has equipped us to venture abroad, seeking our fortunes. We need to strengthen our fraternity for both supporting our fellow Chatgaiyas (Chittagonian) who are not as fortunate as us and contributing to the richness of Australian multiculturalism. I am confident that the Brihattar Chattogram Samity will fulfill its mssion of vitalising fraternity among Chatgaiyas, maintaining ties with their root, contributing to their adopted home and strengthening the bridge between their places of birth and residence for the progress of both.
Thank You.
Anis (Anisuzzaman) Chowdhury
Co-editor, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy
Adjunct Professor, University of New South Wales & Western Sydney University. Former Director, UN-ESCAP, Macroeconomic Policy & Development Division and Statistics Division (July 2012-May 2015); Chief, UN-DESA (Financing for Development Office, Multi-Stakeholder Engagement & Outreach; June 2015-Jan. 2016); Professor of Economics, University of Western Sydney, Australia.


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Chittagong, officially known as Chattogram, is a major coastal city and financial center in southeastern Bangladesh. The city itself well know for its Beauty, People, Culture, Food, Natural resources and Happiness that bring all of us together

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The Brihattra Chattogram Samity (the Greater Chittagong Association), a non-political, non-profit social/community organisation, aims to promote and strengthen community and cultural ties among a growing Chattogram community in Australia. Its vision is to become a leading platform where newly settled residents from Chattogram in Australia can meet, socialise and remain connected to their root in Chattogram while contributing to the richness of Austrlia's multiculturalism for the progress of both their original and adopted home countries