What is our website address?

A: www.ctgsamity.com.au

Announcement for 2019 Chattogram Utshob
Sunday 27th OCT 2019. 12PM onwards.
Entry Fee for 2019 Chattogram Utshob and Mezbaan Event?
Per Adult 15$,
Kids 12 years or Below, free entry.
Location: Whitlam Leisure Centre, 90 Memorial Ave, Liverpool NSW 2170

Parking: Free. 2K car can be parked at the venue parking lot.
Kids safe zone: Yes
Any refund:  If you are unable to attend to the event, No refund will be provided. Please notify event management team at least 72 hours before the event date.
Food and serving timing: Sharp 1.30PM. No food ( Mezbaani Lunch) will be served after 2.30PM.
Chef: Food will be prepared and cooked by the one and only Mezbaani chef from Chittagong, Abul Baburchi. He has got the visa and will be Sydney on 25th OCT 2019
Food will be served at the table. Please ask volunteered if you need more refill. 

Where is your Chattogram Utshob Event information? 

Event Information:
  • Date and time of the event: Sunday 27th OCT, 12PM-6PM
  • Place: Whitlam Leisure Centre, 90 Memorial Ave, Liverpool NSW 2170
  • Lunch will be served sharp 1.30PM. Call out for Lunch will be 1.15PM. Table service.
  • Menu: Special Mezbaani rice, Mezbaani Beef, Beef Nola, Mezbaani Buter Daal
  • Dessert: Special Jorda baat.
  • Drinks: Water and Soft drink both available.
  • Please Note: 1st come 1st served.
  • Light Refreshment will be served from 3PM-5PM which includes Tea, Bela biscuits.
  • Parking: Free
Dietary requirement:
  • There will be separate seating area for Non-Beef and Vegetarians. Please approach Event management team as soon as you enter the venue.
Kids Entertainment:
  • Jumping Castles- 12 PM to 5 PM
  • Face Painting- 1 PM to 5 PM
  • Clown Balloons Twisting
  • Bubbles, Magic tricks, Party Games
  • Kids Refreshment (Fairy Floss, Popcorn, Slushy) One Per Kids Only.
Please ensure you have registration email or printout ready as Security personnel will be validating and scan the Barcode/QR code at the entry gate.
Please note: No Ticket facility at the event day. Due to high popular demand of this event and sold out of all the tickets, we will not be able to allow any unauthorized access or such.

I am unable to print my ticket?
Please open it via Phone and we can also scan it from your phone. Have it ready for us to scan.
We prefer if you have it printed out and ready for us to scan at the gate.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone’s else?
It’s owner’s responsibility.

I made a booking but didn’t received the ticket yet?
Please cross check your email spam/Junk folder.

Is Refund possible?
Please email us 72 hours prior to the event and we can refund it but it could take 1 week depends on Payment method.

What if I am unable to see the ticket/Barcode/QR code in my email inbox?
Please check your email junk folder or spam inbox. 
sometimes you need to move the barcode/QR code email to inbox inorder for you to see the ticket QR code.

Entry Fee for ANZAC and Borsho Boron Event?
Per Adult 15$,
Kids 12 years or Below, free entry.
Per Family ( max 2 adult), 25$

What is the location map for  ANZAC and Borsho Boron event? 


How to register for  ANZAC and Borsho Boron  event?
A: From main page or from Event page, click on JoinNow-> Fill up the entry form-> click Join and Proceed with Payment via PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal, Don’t worry, from PayPal page, there is an option called Pay with Credit Card/debit Card. If you have PayPal account, you can complete the Payment.

Do we get notification of Registration or Payment?
A: Yes, once you are done with registration, you will get an email notification with Event registration ID. However, for Payment notification, it depends on whatever email address has been set in your PayPal account. Payment notification will be sent to that email address only.

I have registered However haven’t made the Payment Yet, How can I make Payment?
A: Go to our website, click on Event, Click on Make Payment link. Use event registration ID from your email and click on search. Proceed with Payment via PayPal or Proceed with Card Payment 

I am not getting my Payment or event confirmation email?
A: Please check your email again, check spam or junk box. Since Payment is done via PayPal, its your responsibilty to make sure check the email address that you are using in your PayPal account. Payment receipt will be sent to that specific email account via PayPal. 

What is the Fee for চড়ুইভাতি  event?
A: $10.00 Only.

Will there be enough space for Parking?
A: There are  Parking available and please try to be there early to secure your place.

Will dietary requirement be maintain?
A: Food will be halal, there will be alternate meat option for the people who has requirement like NO-Beef. Some Vege option will be available as well.

Is it a undercover Venue?
A: Yes its fully covered for 45 people only. aHowever, plenty of space available for everyone including kids to seat and play around

Will there be segregation?
A: No

Is this venue close to the public transport?

A: Not really, However its around 7-10 min driving from Blacktown train station.

What is the Bank account info if anyone likes to transfer any donation or event registration fee?
Brihottor chattgram samity Australia Inc, BSB: 062133 Account: 11549067 Bank: Commonwealth Bank

What is your email address?
A: info.ctgsamity@gmail.com , you can also use contact us option from website to send us specific enquiry. 

Do you have  চড়ুইভাতি  program details ?
A: Yes, Please visit our website and click on Event tab for more info